Decoder Builder

This small application let you create easily new decoders files (XML format) for the Dcc Center. Created file are also compatible with JMRI software.

Can’t find the decoder ?

If you can’t find the correct decoder in the Dcc Center decoders list, it means that the decoder file is missing. Many people from the JMRI community create decoder file. With the Decoder Builder you can create your own decoder !

Each line is a CV, which is made with 8 bits

With the Decoder Builder your can :

  • Describe the decoder : Family, Model, Manufacturer, etc.
  • Set the specifics CV : Reset CV, Model code CV, etc.
  • And of course, build the available CV list for this decoder.

How to get it ?

This program is delivered with the Dcc Center. Just install the Dcc Center and a shortcut will be created on your desktop. Or else, just go into the Dcc Center folder and execute the JmriDecoderBuilder.exe.

Download page

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